Self_ Al Mare

“Self_ Al Mare” is a project using the Caron yarn Pantone collection for the Color-of-the-Year Living Coral.

As we strive for sustainability and make changes within AmZ to ensure a more green future, this project represents a transition. It is a concept that feels very personal, not only reconnecting us with our roots, but also connecting us all with nature.

This one-of-a-kind hand-crocheted piece will be auctioned off via Social Media, and the proceeds will be donated to raise awareness for ocean clean up and/or coral restoration. The charity will be selected by our patron’s. Follow our Instagram for further updates! (@thehouseofamz)

The garment was worked up organically and in sections creating an entirely unique and one-of-a-kind construction and top. Each element represents our favorite design elements from our most popular pieces. It represents how if we all come together to help, even just a tiny bit we can create something beautiful, but that doesn’t mean it will be “perfect” or “symmetrical.”

The top is available for purchase here.

A Special Thank You to our Collaborators -

Model: Sumire Hayashi (@sumirehayashi)

Photographer: Mauele Vestri (@m.vestri)

Yarn information:

Made from Caron x Pantone Yarn in Lovely Coral featuring the color of the year, Living Coral. Fiber content is a merino-wool blend.