Our Story

Launched in May 2015, the House of AmZ is heavily influenced by high-end, cutting edge international design. The AmZ philosophy is one which embodies a sense of social responsibility through art and fashion. This is displayed through luxury, sophistication and experimentation on traditional design and textile techniques. All the clothing is made in the USA to order, which feeds into a "less waste," eco-conscious and slow fashion movement. Each collection encapsulates a specific ideal - instead of tackling traditional “seasons,” we focus on “stories and their chapters.”

The House of AmZ takes our patrons beyond the surface and brings them deep into the stories behind each cause. Everyone is invited on a journey through each chapter of our storybook. Each collection creates a feeling that resonates with the audience, bringing the connection between person and clothing to a more emotional level.

Always looking for the next adventure, follow us internationally as we evolve and continue to create a visual interpretation of the world around us.  

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