Our Story

Eco-conscious, interactive innovation. 

The House of AmZ officially began in May 2016, but has been a lifelong journey and project of Creative Director, Alexandra Zofcin. 

AmZ creates "one-of-a-few," made for you clothing based on an eco-conscious and less waste philosophy. We believe that each person should connect with their clothing instead of viewing it solely as a necessity. 

The garments are crafted using all-natural fiber dead-stock fabrics, with a pattern-making philosophy of “less-waste” to “zero-waste” for most items. This means that the item is crafted using a method that eliminates over-all waste at the end of a fashion season because we don’t end up with left-over stock, and each item is crafted to waste the least amount of fabric possible. 

By eliminating traditional fashion seasons, each collection is categorized as a chapter within a cause, encouraging a curated and thoughtful wardrobe rather than one full of fast-fashion and impulse buys. 

Currently the brand is focused on the concept of “Self_” which represents both a spiritual and material journey into discovering who we are and helping you to do the same. Previous concepts have included the meaning of Femininity and explorations into androgyny.    

All of our clothing is made to order in the USA, unless otherwise stated. Our items can be found in shops carrying exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces, here online or stay tuned to shop at one of our many international pop-up events! 

Always looking for the next adventure, follow us internationally as we evolve and continue to create a visual interpretation of the world around us.  


In addition to having an eco-conscious method of creation, we also believe in an interactive lifestyle. This means that we frequently have pop-up shops and events that allow patrons to actively engage with the brand for an immersive and sensory experience. Check out Events and follow along for an event near you. Plus, scroll through images of previous events. 

While we appreciate all the opportunities that traditional runway shows have given us over the past two years, we will no longer be participating in these traditional displays. Instead our larger collection releases will take the form of more sustainable and interactive presentations, where we will utilize other sustainable and recycled materials. 


  • By the end of 2019, we will use only 100% natural fibers in every single garment. Sourcing these items as sustainably and cruelty free as possible.

  • By 2021, we will source ONLY fabrics that have also been dyed and harvested sustainably. Even though we have already begun this process, unfortunately for now completely sustainable textiles in small quantities are rare and costly.

  • To continue to do better every day. Reducing, re-using/saving as much as possible.


Photo by: Eric Chen