Our Philosophy

Socially Conscious

Artistically Minded

Event Based


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Pandemic Gear Patrons

We want to thank everyone that donated to our face mask initiative.

Thank you!


Furthering Sustainability

AmZ creates "one-of-a-few," made for you clothing based on an eco-conscious and less waste philosophy. We are also committed to furthering sustainability by setting goals that will help our environment.

Custom Clothier

Experience custom tailored pieces that are a full expression of wearable art. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals who wear our clothing to curate a thoughtful wardrobe as an extension of themselves.


Each one of our collections comes with a unique story. Previous concepts have included the meaning of femininity, explorations into androgyny, and the material journey into discovering our own individuality.

We show our devotion to each patron by hosting events all over the world to create an experience behind each concept and new collection.

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