Self_An Amalgamation

Chapter 1 "Self_ An Amalgamation"

"Amalgamation" (noun)

“the action, process, or result of combining or uniting”

The cause of Self. The amalgamation of a personal wardrobe.

From moment to moment, life presents us with different obstacles causing our responses to be filled with a range of emotions. For this concept, the collection is broken up into 6 smaller capsule collections: Winter, Neutral, Lotus, Blush, Amalgamation and Finale. Each capsule reflects the various emotions and responses to situations as we bloom into ourselves and grow, not unlike the way of the Lotus flower. The capsules also explore how the environment can also be shaped by us physically and philosophically.

Each individual garment is designed and constructed thoughtfully to preserve the integrity of the fabric as much as possible, as well as to waste the least amount of fabric in the process. Emotional connections with the garments are encouraged. Emotional connections with every garment are not required. Style is personal, and so is growth.

Collection designed for Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week October 2018

Photos by: Alessandro Fanghella