Self_A Reflection

“Reflection” (noun)

“a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation”

- A reflection of the amalgamation -

The collection called “Self_ A Reflection,” is the second chapter in the brand’s “Self” series – a spiritual and artistic exploration into the emotions and experiences that make up the creation of the individual. The first chapter called “Self_ An Amalgamation” premiered at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo in October with the Global Fashion Collective and utilized a more separated display of the emotions breaking them into 6 capsule collections. This second chapter will demonstrate how multiple emotions and moments can be felt in just one single moment through highly editorialized styling and fabrics with fibers that occur naturally in nature. In a display that exemplifies individuality while fostering connectivity, the finale look will feature the hand painted self-portrait by Alexa Snyder on the brand’s signature silk fabric.

The runway presentation of “Self_ A Reflection” takes a walk from the origins of the brand, The 4th Grade Dress, to where the brand stands today - in the form of a collaborative, no waste gown. This collection begins where Amalgamation left off and continues exploring how fleeting emotions and moments combine to create unique moods.

Collection designed for Vancouver Fashion Week FW19 Show

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