Self_ In Anticipo

As a continuation of the “Self_” series, this collection is the third installment in the exploration of creating a wardrobe based on the self, not on the society. The collection is titled half in English, half in an Italian phrase to symbolize the influence the city of Florence, Italy has on the brand since its inception while living there 4 years ago.


“In anticipo” is a versatile phrase which can be used in a formal and informal way. It can be a detached, yet polite way to sign an email needing an immediate response, or it can simply mean waiting in anticipation, from the first-person conjugation. The billowing shapes and androgynous features of this collection allude to this idea of being ahead in the mind while still being in the present moment in body.

A muddy yet cool color palette creates a sense of darkness while being swathed in luxurious and rich textile from both winter and summer qualities. The sensation of limbo and the disjointed proportions add to an atmosphere of uncertainty while we wait (im)patiently for what is to come.



As seen at London Fashion Week at the NAMES Ldn P.I.N.E.S. presentation at the Somerset House on 15 February 2020. 

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Photographer - Alessandro Fanghella

Models - Raymond Yusef and Taylor Bergman