Garment Care

Thank you to everyone who supported our face mask initiative!

Here are the steps to take care of your face mask.

 1. Add a bit of soap to a bowl

2. Add warm water

 3. Add masks. Do not soak.

4. Wash gently for about 1 min.

 5. Rinse with cold water. Do not ring out.

 6. Gently squeeze out excess water in the sink and then pat out extra water with paper towels or a clean towel

 7. Lay flat to dry on a dry towel or paper towels

Important Info: It's recommended to wash the masks in a metal or glass bowl.

Types of soap you can use: antibacterial soap, mild dish soap or a little bit of detergent. For any questions please contact us.

Please DRY CLEAN ONLY to care for your new creation. Keep all Seta Skirts in a cool, dry place away from water as it will damage the 100% silk fabric. Thank you and enjoy your new made-to-order garment!”