Self_Al Mare Handmade Crochet Top


The crochet top is made by hand using the Caron x Pantone Lovely Coral collection of yarn.

The garment was worked up organically and in sections creating an entirely unique and one-of-a-kind construction and top. Each element represents our favorite design elements from our most popular pieces. It represents how if we all come together to help, even just a tiny bit we can create something beautiful, but that doesn’t mean it will be “perfect” or “symmetrical.”

*All of the proceeds from this product will be donated to the local Coral Restoration Foundation, locally based in Key Largo, FL. The organization was created as a response to the "wide-spread loss of the dominant coral species on the Florida Reef Tract." They work to actively restore declining coral populations and create guidelines we can all follow to help save our reefs.

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Garment size:

Fits size Small

Yarn Information:

60% Acrylic, 20% Nylon, 20% Merino Wool